domenica 18 settembre 2011


From September 16 to November 15, 2011, Milan, with Anversa, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, will participate in the Elephant Parade. A real show / exhibition, outdoor, of 50 statues of baby elephants. The project will support precisely the Asian elephant, an endangered species. 

Among the names of artists (both established and emerging) appear Design Ferrari, Aston Martin, Atelier Almayer, Marco Balestri and singer Katy Perry. 
Some fashion brands are the sponsor of the initiative: "Seven For All Mankind" and "Giuseppe Zanotti Design."

Dal 16 settembre al 15 novembre 2011, Milano, insieme ad Anversa, Rotterdam e Amsterdam, parteciperà alla Elephant Parade.

sabato 17 settembre 2011

Collaboration with Livemilano

A few days ago I wrote my first article for magazine online, Livemilano. If you click on can find my profile and read in the editorial "Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld: Second Editon", written by me. I am very excited to participate in this project. 
Livemilano is also broadcast on regional channels (which currently can not tell you with certainty) with the "LIVE IN STYLE". For now, the blog and online magazine I take enough time ... but I do not exclude the possibility of being part of the program Live in Style. :-)

Pochi giorni fa ho scritto il mio primo articolo per una rivista online, Livemilano. Se cliccate su potrete trovare il mio profilo nella parte redazionale e leggere "Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld: second editon", scritto da me personalmente. Sono molto entusiasta di partecipare a questo progetto.
Livemilano è in onda anche su canali regionali (che al momento non vi so dire con precisione) con il programma "LIVE IN STYLE". Per ora, il blog e la rivista online mi occupano abbastanza non escludo la possibilita di far parte anche del programma Live in Style. :-)

martedì 13 settembre 2011

New collection by RL: Denim & Supply

It 'a new collection designed for young people. A much more fashionable country, made up of oversized t-shirt, khaki pants, suede vest with fringe. Checked shirt paired with ripped jeans, leather belts and scarves. All this, which I defined, very "wild". A comfortable way of dressing, free ... 
Even some dresses remind us of a fashion somewhat hippy. 
One low cost fashionable to embrace a larger audience. Available at but also in multibrand stores or RL stores.

E' la nuova collezione pensata per i giovani.

lunedì 12 settembre 2011


Keith Haring. We are in the 80s, when contemporary art is totally revolutionized by his graffiti. His art, street art, is remembered even today in the fashion world. 
Zara is the first to create an homage to this genius with a limited edition t-shirt for man. Nicholas Kirkwood, as well as designer shoes, pays homage to the artist creating decolletèe, sandals open-toe and boots.

Keith Haring. Siamo negli anni '80, quando l'arte contemporanea viene totalmente rivoluzionata dai suoi graffiti. La sua arte, definita appunto arte di strada è ricordata ancora oggi nel mondo della moda.

venerdì 9 settembre 2011

next winter: EMU or UGG?

I have only worn UGG. But I am able to speak well enough documented for Emu, advise and show you some of my favorite models. 
Both protect your feet from cold and snow. Guaranteed! Do not bother to bathe or swim in the snow .... because it is completely resistant to water, despite the suede lining. 
Do not know the limits of style ... I'm worn at any occasion and any abbianate clothing (a dress, a pair of ripped jeans, a cardigan, oversize). Anyone don't like
the model of this boot, as very simple and maybe a little '"ugly". Not surprisingly, the brand UGG comes from the word UGLY. The idea, of who created it, was not purely aesthetic but pure utility and comfort. Aimed at an audience sensitive to the cold, he did not know how to combat cold feet during the winter. The idea was successful and now, indeed, for many years, wearing ugg or EMU is very cool.

Sarei di parte se non vi dicessi che ho indossato solo UGG. Ma sono abbastanza documentata per potervi parlare anche di Emu, consigliarvi e mostrarvi alcuni modelli tra i miei preferiti.
Entrambe proteggono i vostri piedini dal freddo e dalla neve. Garantito! Non preoccupatevi di bagnarle o tuffarvi completamente nella neve....perchè resistono all'acqua, nonostante il rivestimento in camoscio.

mercoledì 7 settembre 2011

Vogue fashion night 08.09.11

It's a night devoted entirely to fashion. The appointment is in Milan on September 8 and 15 in Rome. 
Shops open from 19 to 23.30, for a night of shopping and exclusive events. 
You can personally meet Dean and Dan Caten, in Dsquared shop (Via Verri 4). Wearing fur and take pictures at the studio Simonetta Ravizza in Via Montenapoleone. And also in many stores, aperitif, gadget and tribute concerts. Many initiatives have been proposed for this evening. 

You can even climb aboard a banana truck, vintage, decorated for the event. It will take you shopping. Here are the routes:

-Corner of Via Montenapoleone / Via Manzoni

-Corner of Piazza San Babila / Corso Matteotti

-Corner of Corso Garibaldi / Via Moscow

-Bridge Street veteran (height Piazza del Carmine)

-Corner of Via Manzoni / Piazza della Scala

Many limited edition T-shirts designed specifically for the event. Not only that, even perfumes, wallets, limited edition items that will be sold exclusively on the night of Milan fashion.

E' la serata dedicata interamente alla moda. L'appuntamento è l'8 settembre a Milano e il 15 a Roma.
Negozi aperti dalle 19 alle 23.30, per una notte di shopping ed eventi esclusivi.
Potrete incontrare personalmente Dean & Dan Caten, presso il negozio Dsquared  (Via Verri 4). Indossare pellicce e scattare foto presso l'atelier di Simonetta Ravizza in Via Montenapoleone. Ed inoltre in numerosi store, apertitivi, gardget omaggio, concerti. Numerose sono le iniziative proposte per questa serata.
Potrete addirittura salire a bordo di un Apecar, vintage, addobbato per l'evento. Vi porterà a fare shopping. Ecco a voi i percorsi:

lunedì 5 settembre 2011

LV & ANGELINA JOLIE: an aid for Cambogia

It's called "Core Values", the campaign starring Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton. 
The protagonist is shown in her simplicity. Cambogia is the background. A place fantastic, dramatic and moving. Behind the campaign is the deep love for this country of Angelina and her people. His continued help and support, especially for children who, until recently, were victims of landmines. 
"I was in Cambogia about 10 years ago, for the first time. I had to make a film." She says. "They told me to stand on one side of the river, because the other was dangerous, as strewn with landmines. The idea that children running and playing, they could land on unconsciously, opened my eyes." 
Since then Angelina Jolie is actively working with this population. She tells, through beautiful clips, how her life has changed, and helping people She rediscover the beauty of a smile and being together. 
I love it when fashion and charity to embrace a more than noble purposes.

 Si chiama "Core Values" la campagna pubblicitaria interpretata da Angelina Jolie per Louis Vuitton.
La protagonista si mostra nella sua più totale semplicità. Fa da sfondo la Cambogia.

venerdì 26 agosto 2011

knee high socks

I watch this socks from years and I wear it sooner or later ... certainly not now, but this autumn. 
I saw for the first time in 2009, by Miu Miu on Via della Spiga. They were wool, with glitter and sequins applied. Delicious. Undecided in the purchase, I left that store and then regret it bitterly. 
Today I see in every catwalk and the streets of Milan, worn by fashion victims. I seem to be a great alternative to tights and at the same time a great way to protect themselves from the cold. 
How about the "Stars and Stripes", worn over shorts, jeans and Converse?

Sono anni che le osservo e prima o poi le indosserò...Di certo non ora, ma quest'autunno.

giovedì 25 agosto 2011

China & Ralph Lauren

Reading the number of Elle, arrived yesterday, I noticed the new advertisements of the autumn / winter Ralph Lauren. 
Velvet. Red. Oriental prints. And so I thought immadiatly to China as a source of inspiration of the legendary designer RL. 
Sumptuous clothing, very chaste. Blacks in velvet or leather, with red accessories, in contrasting. 
Red, green and black are the dominant colors. The red goes back to China flag but also the passion and ardor, which often hides behind a long dress, cut fine, without seeing any part of the body. 
Models on the catwalk by somatic Eastern, with straight hair, long and black in color. 
Tipically Chinese prints add refinement to the new collection. 
I believe that Ralph Lauren has created a masterpiece with this collection. An absolute masterpiece of elegance.

Sfogliando il numero di Elle, arrivato ieri, ho notato subito la nuova pubblicità della collezione autunno/ inverno Ralph Lauren.
Velluto. Rosso. Stampe orientali.

mercoledì 24 agosto 2011


Thinking about how to summarize the summer of 2011, I can think of one thing: round sunglasses. Exactly! Like those worn by John Lennon, Gandhi or, more recently, Harry Potter. 
The first eyeglasses (without rods) had this round shape. We are in the 30s, when the Safilo company decides to create a lens adapted to the person's face. 
Back to the past for the fashion is always a good thing. Remember how a dress, an accessory was born and then became a real "must". And remember with them, the characters and the designers that made them famous. 
These glasses, which I personally adore, have been rescheduled for the spring / summer 2011 almost all the world-famous designers. I have chosen some of my favorites.


Pensando a come riassumere l'estate 2011, mi viene in mente una sola cosa: occhiali da sole tondi. Esatto! Come quelli indossati da John Lennon, Gandhi o, più recentemente, Harry Potter. 

lunedì 8 agosto 2011

COOL on TV...80s 90s 00s

Often when we think of a tvshow, immediately associate a style, a style of dress or wear their hair, typical of those years.
I wanted to write this post, because I believe that some TV series have really given a turn to the fashion world. Suggest to the public. Interpreting it. Showing it through the images.

Spesso, quando pensiamo ad un telefilm, associamo immediatamente uno stile, un modo di vestire o di portare i capelli, tipico di quegli anni.

venerdì 5 agosto 2011


Sometimes I feel a little in this way. Like in this picture. Submerged by clothes, I believe that is still missing something ... something to match a party or special occasion. There are clothes never worn, still bearing the tag. Clothes that I've never wear and then when they find, say, "Wow! I did not know even have it." 
I have a very interesting project for this blog, which will involve girls with problems of "closet", so we can define. I have revealed too much ;-)

A volte mi sento un po' così. Come in questa foto. Sommersa dai vestiti, convinta che mi manchi ancora qualcosa da abbinare...qualcosa per una festa o per un'occasione speciale. Ci sono capi mai indossati, muniti ancora di cartellino.

giovedì 4 agosto 2011

Summer is....YELLOW!!

Yellow. Yellow. Yellow. And still yellow. What color would best represent the summer!? All the stylists offer it on the catwalk. Who on dresses, skirts of those who on sunglasses or handbags, and who, indeed, of eye shadows and lipsticks. 
The shades of this color varies from lemon yellow or fluorescent (as indicated in the previous post) to yellow ocher, almost green apple. 
Coupled with the purple is a must for the summer, but also to white or black. 
Color cheerful, refined, and especially royal. We remember the Queen Elizabeth at the wedding of his nephew, William. He wore a hat and yellow coat, white shoes and matching purse. Even America's first lady, Michelle Obama often choose from her wardrobe, the color yellow.

Giallo. Giallo. Giallo. E ancora giallo. Quale colore potrebbe rappresentare meglio l'estate!? Tutti gli stilisti lo propongono in passerella. Chi su sbiti, chi su gonne, chi su occhiali da sole o borsette, e chi, addirittura, su ombretti e rossetti.

lunedì 1 agosto 2011


This summer you can not miss in the wardrobe, an accessory or fluorescent clothing. Nail polish, bags, shoes, skirts, dresses with bright colors and strong, giving an image stronger and safer for women. Paired with pastel colors (another must of the summer) or dark colors.

Per quest'estate non può mancare nell'armadio, un accessorio o un indumento fluo. Smalti, borse, scarpe, gonne, vestiti con colori accesi e forti,

venerdì 29 luglio 2011


Publish frequently post titled "Today ... inside my wardrobe," to show you something about me. To receive and give advice. Recommend shops or addresses for purchases.

Pubblicherò molto spesso post intitolati "Today...inside my wardrobe",


In Bologna, July 22 to 24, has played an event entirely dedicated to VINTAGE. Exhibitions, debates and concerts devoted entirely to the '60s and '70s. 
Inside the event was a competition for visitors and the visitors keen on vintage. Essential to a vintage dress, to create a new look. Prize: an entire outfit sixties and seventies. 
There have been concerts, shows and a very interesting brand A.N.G.E.L.O "Fashion & Sound", a path between style and music. 
I regret not having participated in order to give you some more information ... but I will in october for "Next Fashion Vintage", in Belgioioso!

A Bologna, dal 22 al 24 luglio, si è svolto un evento interamente dedicato al VINTAGE.

giovedì 28 luglio 2011

Mickey Mouse come back....

Remember years ago when the brand Liu Jo, began to propose Mickey Mouse T-shirt?! Indeed, not only Donald Duck ... Mickey, Minnie! A real boom. The t-shirts went like hot cakes. 
Mickey Mouse created a true fashion. ... And we know the fashions come and go. That's the point. Liu Jo, in her new collection, show again the character of Walt Disney. 
The price of the t-shirt is around € 98

Ricordate anni fa, quando il marchio Liu Jo, iniziava a proporre Mickey Mouse sulle proprie T-shirt?! Anzi, non solo Mickey...anche Donald Duck, Minnie! Un vero e proprio boom. Le t-shirt andarono a ruba.
Topolino creò una vera e propria moda. E si sa...le mode, vanno e vengono. Ecco il punto. Liu Jo, nella sua nuova collezione, ripropone nuovamente il personaggio di Walt Disney.
Il prezzo della t-shirt si aggira intorno ai 98 €.

Kate Moss & Mickey
Rihanna & Mickey
from "Sex and the City"...Carrie Bradshaw wears Mickey t-shirt

mercoledì 27 luglio 2011

ASH boots!!

Will be one of my next purchases. A little known in Italy, but already in vogue in the U.S., including Hollywood stars. Boots signed by ASH. 
Very practical, to be worn casually with jeans and even shorts. 
The first impression is: "Oh my God, are not very feminine!" Well, not quite true. 
The model, of course, is masculine. Very reminiscent of the biker boots. But when you see them worn, totally change your mind. Cute especially on those with very thin legs, stands out precisely because the boot tapered leg and calf. 
A d v i c e: it together with a bag Balencianga (Le Dix Motorcycle)! Below my favorites! The green water and the red (only available online

Saranno uno dei miei prossimi acquisti. Poco conosciuti in Italia, ma già in voga negli Usa, tra le star di Hollywood. Sono gli stivali firmati ASH.
Molto pratici, da indossare con disinvoltura su jeans e anche shorts.
La prima impressione è: oddio, sono poco femminili! Bhe non è del tutto vero.
Il modello, certo, è mascolino. Ricorda molto lo stivale da motociclista. Ma quando li vedrete indossati, cambierete totalmente idea. Carinissimi soprattutto su chi ha le gambe molto magre, perchè lo stivale risalta appunto la gamba affusolata e il polpaccio.
C o n s i g l i o: abbinateli ad una borsa Balencianga (Le dix motorcycle)!Qui sotto le mie preferite! Quella verde acqua e quella rossa (disponibile solo online su

ASH Tennessee Model

a ruby red arena cross city bag, only available on

martedì 26 luglio 2011

The Last Emperor

I want to dedicate a post to one of my many idols in the world of fashion: Valentino Garavani.
After the publication of his documentary - film "The Last Emperor", I still have the feelings I felt on the skin in the cinema, going back through the pictures, his brilliant career. 
I think Valentino has made ​​the history of Italian fashion. Not fashion. The high fashion. 
"Women want to be beautiful." All his work, sketch or design done, put in the full light of this statement and answered prayers. 
I believe there are no other words to show how this character was influential in the fashion world, Italian and ineternazionale. Just images of masterpieces.

Ho voluto dedicare un post a uno dei miei tanti idoli nel mondo della moda: VALENTINO GARAVANI.
A più di un anno di distanza dall'uscita del suo film-documentario "The Last Emperor", ho ancora sulla pelle le sensazioni che provai in quella sala cinematografica, ripercorrendo, attraverso le immagini, la sua brillantissima carriera.
Credo che Valentino abbia fatto la storia della moda italiana. Non la moda. L'alta moda.
"Le donne desiderano essere belle". Ogni suo lavoro, schizzo o progetto realizzato, metteva in luce ed esaudiva a pieno questa affermazione.
Credo non ci siano altre parole per mostrare quanto fu influente questo personaggio nel mondo della moda, italiana e ineternazionale. Solo immagini, di veri e propri capolavori.

Red Valentino
Lucy Liu wears Valentino
Valentino poses with his models and his faithful dogs
the wonderful drape on the shoulders
Valentino and Anne Hathaway. The dress worn by Anne is the protagonist of the film The Last Emperor
Claudia Schiffer wears Valentino Haute Couture
Last catwalk of Valentino