venerdì 26 agosto 2011

knee high socks

I watch this socks from years and I wear it sooner or later ... certainly not now, but this autumn. 
I saw for the first time in 2009, by Miu Miu on Via della Spiga. They were wool, with glitter and sequins applied. Delicious. Undecided in the purchase, I left that store and then regret it bitterly. 
Today I see in every catwalk and the streets of Milan, worn by fashion victims. I seem to be a great alternative to tights and at the same time a great way to protect themselves from the cold. 
How about the "Stars and Stripes", worn over shorts, jeans and Converse?

Sono anni che le osservo e prima o poi le indosserò...Di certo non ora, ma quest'autunno.

giovedì 25 agosto 2011

China & Ralph Lauren

Reading the number of Elle, arrived yesterday, I noticed the new advertisements of the autumn / winter Ralph Lauren. 
Velvet. Red. Oriental prints. And so I thought immadiatly to China as a source of inspiration of the legendary designer RL. 
Sumptuous clothing, very chaste. Blacks in velvet or leather, with red accessories, in contrasting. 
Red, green and black are the dominant colors. The red goes back to China flag but also the passion and ardor, which often hides behind a long dress, cut fine, without seeing any part of the body. 
Models on the catwalk by somatic Eastern, with straight hair, long and black in color. 
Tipically Chinese prints add refinement to the new collection. 
I believe that Ralph Lauren has created a masterpiece with this collection. An absolute masterpiece of elegance.

Sfogliando il numero di Elle, arrivato ieri, ho notato subito la nuova pubblicità della collezione autunno/ inverno Ralph Lauren.
Velluto. Rosso. Stampe orientali.

mercoledì 24 agosto 2011


Thinking about how to summarize the summer of 2011, I can think of one thing: round sunglasses. Exactly! Like those worn by John Lennon, Gandhi or, more recently, Harry Potter. 
The first eyeglasses (without rods) had this round shape. We are in the 30s, when the Safilo company decides to create a lens adapted to the person's face. 
Back to the past for the fashion is always a good thing. Remember how a dress, an accessory was born and then became a real "must". And remember with them, the characters and the designers that made them famous. 
These glasses, which I personally adore, have been rescheduled for the spring / summer 2011 almost all the world-famous designers. I have chosen some of my favorites.


Pensando a come riassumere l'estate 2011, mi viene in mente una sola cosa: occhiali da sole tondi. Esatto! Come quelli indossati da John Lennon, Gandhi o, più recentemente, Harry Potter. 

lunedì 8 agosto 2011

COOL on TV...80s 90s 00s

Often when we think of a tvshow, immediately associate a style, a style of dress or wear their hair, typical of those years.
I wanted to write this post, because I believe that some TV series have really given a turn to the fashion world. Suggest to the public. Interpreting it. Showing it through the images.

Spesso, quando pensiamo ad un telefilm, associamo immediatamente uno stile, un modo di vestire o di portare i capelli, tipico di quegli anni.

venerdì 5 agosto 2011


Sometimes I feel a little in this way. Like in this picture. Submerged by clothes, I believe that is still missing something ... something to match a party or special occasion. There are clothes never worn, still bearing the tag. Clothes that I've never wear and then when they find, say, "Wow! I did not know even have it." 
I have a very interesting project for this blog, which will involve girls with problems of "closet", so we can define. I have revealed too much ;-)

A volte mi sento un po' così. Come in questa foto. Sommersa dai vestiti, convinta che mi manchi ancora qualcosa da abbinare...qualcosa per una festa o per un'occasione speciale. Ci sono capi mai indossati, muniti ancora di cartellino.

giovedì 4 agosto 2011

Summer is....YELLOW!!

Yellow. Yellow. Yellow. And still yellow. What color would best represent the summer!? All the stylists offer it on the catwalk. Who on dresses, skirts of those who on sunglasses or handbags, and who, indeed, of eye shadows and lipsticks. 
The shades of this color varies from lemon yellow or fluorescent (as indicated in the previous post) to yellow ocher, almost green apple. 
Coupled with the purple is a must for the summer, but also to white or black. 
Color cheerful, refined, and especially royal. We remember the Queen Elizabeth at the wedding of his nephew, William. He wore a hat and yellow coat, white shoes and matching purse. Even America's first lady, Michelle Obama often choose from her wardrobe, the color yellow.

Giallo. Giallo. Giallo. E ancora giallo. Quale colore potrebbe rappresentare meglio l'estate!? Tutti gli stilisti lo propongono in passerella. Chi su sbiti, chi su gonne, chi su occhiali da sole o borsette, e chi, addirittura, su ombretti e rossetti.

lunedì 1 agosto 2011


This summer you can not miss in the wardrobe, an accessory or fluorescent clothing. Nail polish, bags, shoes, skirts, dresses with bright colors and strong, giving an image stronger and safer for women. Paired with pastel colors (another must of the summer) or dark colors.

Per quest'estate non può mancare nell'armadio, un accessorio o un indumento fluo. Smalti, borse, scarpe, gonne, vestiti con colori accesi e forti,